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Bed Rails For Twin Bed – Ever since the Disney Pixar animated playback, Cars, the race car bed is getting popular. Kids love them because they want to drive their own sports car. They are the perfect playground for children’s imagination. Parents like this bed too; Children no longer need to persuade weight to sleep, children sleep more soundly, have less nightmares and all this means better sleep quality for older people as well.

Most bed rails for twin bed have a sporty body, but on the inside, there’s still a bed. The car body frame, like the real McCoys, is quite low in height. Usually, the mattress is almost flattened with the side of the frame, leaving little or no side of the bed so the child does not fall. Some parents advise to remove the spring box to lower the sleeping area so that both sides become elevated. Other caring parents have switched to installing bed rails in this bed to prevent their children from injuring themselves. However, this often encounters obstacles from their children because the rail breaks the overall design of the bed, fortunately, not all rails do not fit this sporty bed.

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Though, bed rails for twin bed most can be made into a friendly race car bed with some modifications. The easiest way to fit a bed rail with a car bed is to paint it with the same color scheme. It can be as simple as monochrome or if you feel comfortable with the colors, you can mix and match the shades of colors to enhance the sporty effect. Bed rails also do not need to be rectangular and straight. While most bed rails are standard-sized, bed rails, especially those from your racing car manufacturer, are usually adjusted to a smooth curve to blend in with a racing car frame.

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