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Twin over twin bunk bed – Prior to giving birth to a baby, parents often plan to design the bedroom for the children by equipping a number of important items that ensure a comfortable, modern element for the baby to grow in a way. In this article, we are interested in some very unique ideas thanks to the harmonious combination of intelligent child bed structure. The room becomes more modern and airy than ever thanks to the cute bunk bed for 2 children to rest, study, and play in comfortable separate space. Or simply a small corner under the stairs is to have a space to rest for two baby offline.

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With a family of three, this type of cross twin over twin bunk bed is best suited to a room that makes it easy for three children to rest in separate spaces. With a family of one, and the total area of ​​the house is only one room for everyone, the smart bed is quite convenient. The first floor is a living space in daily life, while the second floor for rest helps the room share space for everyone. In addition, mothers can choose the simple three-story bed structure as below to save money costs that are also quite useful value.

To take advantage of the space underneath the bunk beds, you can design a science corner and utmost utility. As with this design, you will have a private class room for your child.  Twin over twin bunk bed for children can be designed either single or double, depending on the needs of your family. With this idea you can design a miniature world for your baby is both convenient and very beautiful science. The space below the bunk bed can be used to make cabinets, bookshelves. Wardrobes for personal items, shoes, baby clothes are always necessary. For teenage princesses, designing a dressing table, shelf, wardrobe under the space of a bunk bed is also a creative idea.

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