Building Twin XL Storage Bed

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Twin XL storage bed – When many people think of crafting a storage bed, they themselves shadow the project because of complex plans involving tapes, chainsaws, milling saw and so on. Simplify the project by turning prefabricated storage cubbies into an attractive, modern looking storage bed.


Paint cubbies and a sheet of 3/4 inch MDF or plywood size 40 to 80 inches, if desired. Place the two cubbies back to the back of the ground, so that the storage cubbies drive either side. The ends twin XL storage bed should be flush. Place the sheet in MDF or plywood on top of the cubbies so that the edges of the plywood or MDF blade match around the edges of the Cubby units. Drill countersunk hole size slightly less than 1 5/8 inch wood screw around the perimeter of MDF or plywood sheets, and a double line around 1 inch from each side of the middle of the plywood or MDF blade. Run a 5/8 inch screw through the pilot hole to secure the sheet downwards. There should be a screw about every 5 to 6 inches.

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Place the twin xl storage bed in place in the bedroom and place a twin mattress on top If you use a box spring, place it on the cubbies then lay the mattress. If you choose to use only a mattress, you might want to add two more cubbies in the middle of the layout to provide stability to the mattress. Because you will not see these cubbies, you do not have to paint or color them. Purchase baskets to keep everything in place. Be creative with your colors, bedding and baskets. Have fun!

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Tips and warnings

If you build this platform bed for a toddler, it may be a good idea to anchor cubbies to each other (with screws) at the tip and foot end.